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Today is May 21, 2019
Wong Jun Jie
Associate Group Director
CEA Licence No.:
L3009250K / R048626H
Call (+65) 9221 8248
Join Me To Grow Together!
My Value To You:

A property is probably the most expensive thing we buy in our lives. Real estate professional has the responsibility to perform his / her duty to give clients a peace in their mind in selling / purchasing property. Sometimes he / she has to go beyond the duty to have the EQ to handle clients and to solve problems which involve monetary values. If you think you could take up the challenge, here is why you should join me to grow together!


1) Support from Company Level - ERA
* Weekday Trainings: Power Monday, IMPACT, Digital Edge etc
* Local & Overseas Projects: project portal with information at finger tips
* Business Conference: with sharings from Top Producers
* High Efficiency in Various Departments: friendly staff at resale, finance, legal, HR, IT departments
* IT Support: comprehensive agent portal with great transparency (invoice, receipts, agreements etc)
* Economies of Scale in Corporate Sales: good deals for agents e.g. telco, medical, education


2) Support from Division Level - NAVIS
* Navis Linkup Apps: Navis Tag, FSBO, FRBO, forum, squarefoot, leads, paperwork templates
* Trainings By Experts
* Bonding Activities: loh hei, anniversary, awards presentations, trip excursion
* Guided Activites: weekly doorknock, weekly telemarketing under Division Directors' guidance
* Free Tools: Squarefoot Research, Proptools, INLIS


3) Support from Team Level - Sincerus Team
* Great Dynamics: different specialization (commercial, industrial, rental, HDB, condo, projects)
* GTA System @ different areas: Jurong, Bedok, Hougang
* Team Marketing: support lister in marketing properties
* Buddy Project System: present the projects to buyers in the team
* Internal Cobroke System: match buyers / tenants to existing team properties


4) Support from Manager Level - Me
* Provide Advice: suggestions in handling problems / hiccups / mistakes
* Provide Guidance: step-by-step guidance in paperworks & transactional process 
* Provide On-The-Job Training: do prospecting activities together

I have made mistakes when I was new associate which gives me the chance to teach my new partners not to make the same mistakes. Being an educator myself, I am able to guide with patience but at the same time I am advocator on independent learning.


5) ERA Incentives

* RES Course Refund: achieve $6800 net associate commission within 9 months
* Acceleration Course Refund: achieve $12800 net associate commission within 12 months


Welcome you to join me as Part Time / Full Time Real Estate Professioals in making a difference in other people's lives. We can have a chat over coffee for me to show you the ERA portal & Linkup App (which revolutionize the whole real estate industry) :)

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