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Today is May 21, 2019
Wong Jun Jie
Associate Group Director
CEA Licence No.:
L3009250K / R048626H
Call (+65) 9221 8248
Property Purchase

My Value To You:

Buying a house is not just searching PropertyGuru and arrange viewings and buy. I will assist you in finding a house according to your ideal requirements and negotiating for you the best possible market price as well as ensuring your financial and timeline is well taken care of. I can do it by applying my past experience with my buyers to give you the best house hunting experience. (testimonials by clients)

Why You Should Be Represented by Buyer Agent?

1. Listers Like Direct Buyers

My team including me has been closing HDB / Condo cases with direct buyer and we have been closing above market price (which should not be the case as buyers should not be paying high rocketed price)! Im here not to help you buy your dream house. Cheap houses you definitely wont buy as it could be super low floors / ah long house. Im here to assist you to buy the best house at best price possible. I have been helping my buyers buy below valuation or at valuation saving them 10k-15k of money. Im here act as the buffer, so that you make a sound decision with advice from me.

2. Identify the Star-Buy Houses

I have been walking the ground for quite long and have seen alot of houses. There are some houses I will advise you not to buy and should just walk off. I will behave like im buying my own house. I'm the dedicated agent who observes you and have better matches next time. Im here to match the expectation to reality, so that we together can find an ideal house!

3. Your dedicated Personal Assistant

An exclusive agent is someone you can confide to eg financial issue, family issue etc and come out with a housing plan that caters to your needs. I'm your working partner who will discuss with you anything related to house and buy with a peace of mind. I will discuss with you for the price to offer and the strategy to offer. I chanced upon buyers from all walks of life eg. 

* sell overseas property then buy house in spore
* newly wed couples sourcing for their matrimonial home
* buyers who need to do contra procedure (sell-then-buy)
* single buyer who wants to live near parents etc

4. Great Problem Solver

Engaging an agent is to ensure smooth transaction and to offload your problems. What will you do IF
* the seller suddenly went coma and not able to go for 1st appointment?
* Do you know what to check when you buy highest floor houses?
* How to check if got loanshark harassmemt on the block?
* How do you check if the option fee is paid to the rightful owner? 

Your time is not meant to do all these. It should be more well spent with family & friends. Isn't it better to have me as a representative to face these problems for you? 

Lastly, I am dedicated and committed to any clients who engaged my service. Give me a try and you won't have anything to lose. (read more about my testimonials)

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