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Today is May 21, 2019
Wong Jun Jie
Associate Group Director
CEA Licence No.:
L3009250K / R048626H
Call (+65) 9221 8248
Property Marketing
My Value To You:

What I'm trying to do is not just selling a big ticket item & handle your paperworks but the house is a complicated symbol in life. I am paid to add value to you. I will assist you to get the best possible price a.k.a. maximize profit for your house by qualifying the buyers as well as to ensure the process hassle free for you. I can do it by applying my past experience with my sellers to give you the best experience possible. (
testimonials by clients)

Why You Should Leave Marketing to Me?

1) Special Joint Marketing Strategy

A lot of owners have tried and tested with our NAVIS TAG team marketing system. They were very amazed by the high team spirit and satisfied that the houses were sold within a short period of time at prevailing market price. By tapping each professional network coupled with their marketing techniques, there is no house that we can't sell together! By paying 1 agent fee but you have 10 marketing persons for your property. I will personally handpick the best teammates to be at your service.

 2)  Qualifying Buyers / Prospects

Having a dedicated marketing team, we will qualify buyers by filtering out only the genuine ones. Receiving calls everyday asking for viewings and always need to open door for the prospects is a hassle. I will take the hassle speaking to cobroke agents / direct buyers to check their eligiblity to buy (e.g. nationality, race, budget etc) just to make sure they dont waste our time. I will control the viewing timings for you as well, so that you can better use of your precious time for your work or family.

3) Coordinate Appointments & House Presentations

Buying & selling house has emotional attachment to the process e.g. pride, bliss, sorrow. Why go through the process of listening to the buyers say about the house which could be your matrimonial house? We do the presentations whereas you sit back & relax. I will plan the property tour and handle the objections for you (i'm well trained to do it, leave the rest to me). 

4) Negotiation & Facilitate Closing

I will be acting as intermediary in negotiation with the best interest in your mind. I'm not messenger on prices, but negotiator for the best offer for house owners, Other than price factor, there are plenty of other T&C to haggle about and many problems to be resolved. (Eg extension stay, inventory list, completion date etc). I will also oversee the signing and monetary arrangement eg. security deposit, option fee, exercise fee, valuation fee etc. Money has to be handled properly and with extra case. Credit assessment, legal conveyance and good timeline will be part of the complicated house selling process.

5) Ultimate Problem Solvers

I am a great problem solver for my many sellers. We have totally no idea what storm is brewing. There are alot permutations of problems. For example: what will you do IF
* a buyer suddenly met an accident and unable to sign to complete the whole transaction?
* a buyer suddenly expressed intention not buying and want to take back deposit?
* a buyer suddenly has no money to pay for the cash portion and do not turn up for legal completion?

Above scenarios could happen and have happened before. I am here to take away the nightmare and bear the burden for you to ensure a smooth and pleasant experience for you.

Lastly, I am dedicated and committed to any owners who engaged my service. Give me a try and you won't have anything to lose. (read more about my testimonials)


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