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Today is May 21, 2019
Wong Jun Jie
Associate Group Director
CEA Licence No.:
L3009250K / R048626H
Call (+65) 9221 8248

Would like to inform that JJ had helped us to market the HDB house and he is able to sell at record high price. We would like to thanks for his effort on this.
At first we are actually trying to sell the HDB our own, JJ approached us and patiently discuss with us on the benefit of engaging the agent. He did not push us too much, as he understood our stance. After the meet up, we actually felt that he really treated the customer with heart, and we felt so much comfortable to let him sell our unit.
Before we meet up with him, there are few agent we met and all giving the negative thought that this unit worth only 420K and does not willing to give it a try until we met JJ.
Once again, sincerely thanks for JJ effort on creating the record high selling price in this area. Thanks!
Mr Lai (Residential Seller)


Dear Jun Jie,
Thank you for your perseverence in helping us conclude this deal and securing our matrimonial home.

The starting point in the search for our matrimonial home was very different from the final apartment. You maintained an optimistic attitude while we were disappointed at times during the search. You have been very flexible and patient throughout the process, catering to the different requirements which arose as we viewed more apartments and had better perspectives of what we were looking for.

As both of us were caught up during work travel schedules during a period of time, you took the initiative to provide regular updates while liaising with seller agent, CPF, bankers and other stakeholders involved and handled our queries promptly. This made our purchase process fuss free and straightforward.
We will highly recommend you to our friends looking for properties and I am sure we will come to you when we are ready to purchase our next apartment!
Best regards,
Derek and Hui Shan (Residential Buyers)


It is now less than 2 weeks from the resale completion appointment and I am fortunately to have JJ's on-going assistance to walk me through the entire home-buying process. It is worth noting that my case is not exactly simple and that it requires numerous clarifications ranging from eligibility among different passes to grants of many kinds.

JJ has arranged and accompanied for all 19 house visits throughout the engagement period. In the midst of the process, JJ has also provided ample guidance and recommendations on various procedures that has allowed me to make better decisions, and 1 such example is the detailed break down of my financials. In addition, he has offered to file on my behalf numerous paper work including Valuation Request and made many calls on my behalf to request for updates from HDB.  

It is obvious that JJ does not view his role as merely a job, but rather as something much larger that encompasses his passions and dreams. I sincerely wish JJ all the best in his future endeavor and will remain constant contact in the future.

Reeve Liew (Residential Buyer)


We are pleased to update you that we have had a pleasant experience with Mr Wong Jun Jie who assisted us in the purchase of our EC, Signature at Yishun, in September this year. 
Prior to our purchase, Jun Jie has been patiently updating us on the ECs launches in the region that we are interested in. In addition, he has smoothen the purchase process for us by helping us with the drafting of appeals, advising on home loans and dealing with the other agents whom he co-broke with. 
Purchasing a house is a major investment decision for most people and the patience, knowledge and efficiency of an agent would greatly value add the process.
We would like to thank Jun Jie and your team for the quality service and we look forward to the same standard of service when we are ready to sell our existing BTO!
Daniel and Feng Ling (Project Buyer)


First of all, I would like to take this opportunity in such a format to express my greatest gratitude to my Agent, Mr Wong Jun Jie, for his patience, professionalism, endurance towards his job as a property agent on behalf of me.
He had arranged more than 40 units for view over a span of about 2 month, most of which he accompanied me and asked the sellers relevant questions on my behalf. After viewing so many units, I still could not find the ideal one. However, he is still as patient as always and arranged more and more viewing until one day where I found the one that I was always looking for.   
Then it came the price negotiation stage, where JunJie fully demonstrated his natural talent in negotiation. And eventually, he helped me secured the unit that I desire for at a price 10-20 SGD lower than the market price.
I am more than 100% satisfactory on his services and his professionalism and I herein express my sincere gratitude.

Pengzhi WANG (Residential Buyer)


Hi Mr. Wong Jun Jie

I really appreciated your services ,your honest and your helpful.
Thank you for past those helping me.

Best Regards
Lam Yew Chong (Residential Buyer)


I am writing this email in order to provide feedback with regards to the service rendered by Wong Junjie, specifically as an agent for the procedures of my resale flat purchase.

Junjie was patient and attentive to details, and would not hesitate to provide suggestions and assistance to any queries we faced during the process.

Overall, it was a pleasant experience for his service rendered. Thank you.

Best regards,
Tan Wee Han (Residential Buyer)


I have exclusively engaged JJ to assist in the sale of Yuan Ching Road 3 room HDB unit. JJ has shown powerful negotiation skills and has done well with potential buyers despite the big challenge of remaining lease of the unit is less than 60 years. 

I am happy and very satisfied with his responsible and professional attitude throughout the whole selling process that I am able to sell the flat at my inital desired price of $280,000. I would like to give special thanks to his professionalism as a property agent shown even to the last minute for this situation that we faced. 

JJ has shown that he worked very hard on every buyers' lead and provided extremely dedicated service to his client. I will be giving exclusivity to him to sell my father's HDB flat unit in the coming year 2017. Thank you.

Yours sincerely,
Kenneth (Residential Seller)


I'm writing this email for giving a compliment to ERA one of the Property Agent, Wong Jun Jie.

He is enthusiastic and professional to help us to sell our property. I like his style to screen through all the interested viewers before arranging them to view our house. Rejected for those are not eligible to meet the requirements, saved ours and his time.

Apart from property related matter, he also helped us to settle the cheque issues. Make sure everything is smooth before he end of his service.
Thank you.

Lydia Chong (Residential Seller)



I would like to provide a positive feedback with regards your ERA Realtor, MR Wong Jun Jie.

Mr Wong has provided me good service in looking for a suitable tenant for my warehouse at L&Y Building.  He would be always on time for appointment with the potential tenant.

He took time to do the inventory listing as well as being very fast in sharing copies of all the signed documents with me via email.

I strongly recommend him for serving your high network clients.

Tan Boon Ann (Commercial Landlord)


I hope this email finds you well. I am writing to commend on the excellent and professional service provided by your agent, Mr Wong Jun Jie throughout the process of the renting of my office. He has been very efficient and helpful. I am very pleased with his service and I look forward to work with him again. 
Farhan Rahmad (Commercial Tenant)


We would like to express our gratitude to Jun Jie for helping us to find a tenant to fill up our vacant room at Primz Bizhub.
With his persistence and hand work, he managed to find us a tenant quite quickly within 1 month.  The rental we got is also reasonable given the current poor market condition. Thank you.

Eileen Ho (Commercial Landlord)


We wish to highlight that Mr. Wong Jun Jie is an excellent agent and has been providing good customer service and marketing capabilities.

He is always prompt in handling our queries and requests. He has a positive attitude and perseverance to take on any projects regardless of size and tenure.

We appreciate his timely marketing of our properties and closed several deals for us for the past 1 year.

Thank you for having such an excellent agent.

Warmest regards,
Ng Hwei Yoong (Commercial Landlord)


Thank you for training such a diligent ,responsible and service oriented agent Wong Jun Jie (Marketing Manager) to uphold the good name in the industry.

Thank you and certainly will be incline towards all other ERA agent experience after the wonderful experience JJ have brought me through.

Alan Koh (Commercial Tenant)


Please allow us to take this opportunity to show our appreciation to Mr Wong Jun Jie's effort in this entire transaction.
We are a newly set up company. We were trying to lease an office urgently and we are very fortunate to meet Mr Wong.
Mr Wong is very efficient, responsible and professional. He provides extra mile services to ensure the whole deal can proceed smoothly. 
As we are newbie in leasing a commercial property, we are clueless about this issue. Mr Wong systematically guided and shared with us on the knowledge of leasing a commercial property.
Also, he is very understanding. Throughout the transaction, he accommodated to our timing for meeting up to view the premises and/or discuss about the details of the Tenancy Agreement. He even replied to our email promptly even though that email was only sent to him at 11.30pm!
Again, we are grateful for Mr Wong's fantastic contribution in this transaction and hope that his this marvelous attitude can be brought to your attention. 
Best Regards
Darryl Hew (Commercial Tenant)


Wong Jun Jie, helped me out in getting tenant and advertising our units at EPL Building Lower Delta. He is so helpful and accommodating. He takes time to do follow up and checks with the prospect if there is anything he needs and helped me out in negotiating. 

I had a great time working with Jun Jie, hoping to close more deal with him in the future.

Best Regards,
Jennifer Cantero (Commercial Landlord)


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for showing the best office space. I really appreciate that you took time out of your busy work schedule to show us around and meet with us. I thank you for treating us with the utmost kindness and respect during our visits.
We are really happy with the new office and all the paper work has been completed soon because of your hard work and effort.
Thanks for giving the best customer support. Once again, thank you for your effort.
Best Regards
BHARATH ACS (Commercial Tenant)



I am writing to you to provide feedback on the agent services of Marketing Manager WONG JUN JIE. Put simply, he was the best agent I have ever came across. He was very dedicated to finding the most suitable tenants in the shortest amount of time. When I told him that I would need tenants for said amount of rent within a month or two, he went and researched and managed to pull out various profiles immediately for me to consider. Staying overseas, it was hard for us to coordinate with the tenants requirements since we weren't physically there. I tried to ask a few friends to help, but Jun Jie was the one who responded in the end. He even helped to buy things requested by the tenants and helped to book contractors to fix minor repairs in the house. He was really helpful and I'm grateful for his help. He also keeps me updated on the status of the tenants and any requests they might have. I have also requested him to help me sell the unit as I'm looking to sell it off somewhere next month. All in all, he was really friendly and really helpful. I am very pleased by his work ethics and attitude. Thanks for reading.
Sree (Residential Landlord)

I am writing to you a feedback on Jun Jie's service. He is my agent for my unit at Hillsta. He is very motivated and is eager to help me get a tenant in the shortest time possible. I am very pleased with his work etiquette. In addition, he is also very efficient and gets things done very quickly. He has offered his help generously and I am very sure I will be getting the help that I need readily.

I hope this email to you will help you recognize Jun Jie's effort. Thank you for your time.

Kellie (Residential Landlord)


I am here to write a complimentary feedback for Mr Won Jun Jie.

My parents and I are pleased to update you that we have had a pleasant experience with Mr Wong Jun Jie who assisted us in the rental of our Condo Hillsta last month. He has been patiently updating us on our rentals leads.Although the market was quite bad, it turned out that the share to get rentals at our apartment was fairly acceptable with the market range. In addition, he has smoothen the rental process for us. 
We would like to thank Mr Wong Jun Jie for the quality service and we look forward to the same standard of service for our next transaction!

Best regards,
Marlina (Residential Landlord)


This is a feedback regarding the service rendered by Wong Jun Jie. He is very friendly, helpful and professional. He did his best to addressed our concerns and we are very thankful that he managed to closed the deals with our offer and request from the landlord. All details are well communicated. His working ethics are highly commendable. We wish him the very best for his future.

Melecelle Dela Cruz (Residential Tenant)


I have recently got an apartment in 211, Jurong East St .21 thru one of your colleague Wong Jun Jie. He is very efficient in handling the Tenant as well as the landlord. I could see that he speaks neutrally between both parties. I wish him go to good heights in your firm. 
Best Regards,
Santhosh.S. (Residential Tenant)


Dear Marcus,

It is indeed happy to engage Wong Jun Jie as our Agent.  He is a responsible person and  prompt to our queries when needed. Will definitely recommend friends, relatives or colleagues to Jun Jie if they are looking for property agent.

Eileen Leow (Residential Landlord)


Dear Company, 
I am really impressed with the service rendered by Mr. JJ. He is well organized, problem solver, good negotiation skills and attention to details attitude. I will not hesitate to ask for his service in future and confident to recommend to my friends as well. Also I  Like to thank ERA for sustaining embedded best practices within the company."
Shah Saidur Rahman (Residential Landlord)


We want you to know that we are very pleased with the quality of service Wong Jun Jie provided to us. We sincerely appreciate his responsiveness and patience. 

We have recommended him to other potential tenants with our great satisfaction of his service. 
Please keep on the merit! We look forward to maintaining the partnership for years to come.
Best Regards,
Sun Yangxiao (Residential Tenant)


感谢 wong jun jie先生替我找到非常满意的屋子,并且对wong先生的服务非常满意。非常细致,热心,做事非常认真,迅速,总之非常满意,谢谢

Jiang Li (Residential Tenant)


通过介绍房屋,我和Wong Jun Jie认识,他是一个工作认真负责的人。一次一次帮我们介绍顾客,帮忙阅读合同内容,为顾客着想等等,在此我非常感谢他。

Li Xiang (Residential Landlord)


JJ have been assisting me in getting tenants fast and smoothly according to my requirements.

Satisfied with the good service provided by him and have already recommended him new clients.

Zac (Residential Landlord)


I was assisted by Jun Jie in getting a room at 285b Toh Guan Road.

Jun Jie was very friendly and engaging. He was also very informative. Not only did he shared information of the room, he also shared information of the area around (shops, eateries, etc). He also kept me in constant update regarding the available rooms and viewing time.

Overall, I am very happy and satisfied with his service.

Wei Xiang (Residential Tenant)


I recently engaged agent Wong Jun Jie to help me look for a room in Sengkang to rent.

I am more than delighted with JJ's service.
He was always ready to respond to my enquiries and eager to help.

JJ helped me to secure a place which is suitable for my needs. It was a great experience dealing with him.

Thank you ERA Realty Network Pte Ltd. I will definitely recommend to my friends due to the good service and efficiency.

Ng Kok Weng (Residential Tenant)


I rented 276A Jurong West Street 25, #09, this month via Wong Jun Jie. 
He was a friendly, nice guy and maintained a good communication level with us throughout the renting process. He was always on time for the appointments and was well organised with his work. 
We were really impressed by his neatness, dedication, and active participation through the renting process.
It's a pleasure to work together with you.Thank you.

Gayana Herath (Residential Tenant)


Thank you for the assistance in getting me a good unit in Upper Boon Keng Road.  I am very pleased with your service in the process and your knowledge of the HDB market rules. Your willingness to go over and above your job to try and assist me is greatly appreciated.

I would definitely recommend your service to anyone looking for a unit from my friend's circle.
Best Regards,
Satya (Residential Tenant)


I would like to appreciate the excellent service and assistance of Mr. Wong Jun Jie in renting a home. He did a real good job. 

Thank You and happy to have a great service form your company.
Dilhara Sethunga (Residential Tenant)


Just want to give a feedback for Wong Jun Jie.  
He really did a great job of assisting us to get the unit that we wanted to rent.  I already in my 5th year staying in Singapore and experienced 4 times of house moving, I can say that JJ is the best agent that we deal with. He almost does everything for us, and also talks to the owner to give us the best rental price based on our budget. He even managed to speak with owner to provide those things that we requested.
Overall, I am very satisfied with how he helped us and assisted on all of our concerns. Job well done! Thanks!

Glice Galac (Residential Tenant)


I would like to extend my gratitude for the service rendered by one of your property agents, Mr Wong Jun Jie. He has deployed his services to assist me in acquiring a rental unit in Hillsta Condominium with great accuracy and efficiency. He went through the extra mile explaining and answering all of my queries regarding the unit with patience and professionalism.

Once again, thank you ERA and Mr Wong Jun Jie for providing such excellent service.

Haida (Residential Tenant)


I would like to take this opportunity to thank your colleague Jun Jie who has been very helpful, prompt to action and most importantly is sincere. 

Keep up the great job and for sure I'll recommended ERA Realty to my fellow friends. Thank you 
Vivian (Residential Tenant) 


I am writing this to bring to your notice that Wong assisted for renting a property in Choa Chu kang.
His service for us was really appreciable. The way of his handling the people was very polite and kind. He briefly elaborated the terms and conditions of the rental agreement so that it is clearly understood.
Really appreciate his time and service for us!
Jana (Residential Tenant)


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